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Indian head Massage - £25

Indian Head Massage is a technique of manipulating soft tissues in the shoulders and scalp.

A range of different massage pressures and rhythms are used in order to stimulate the head and neck area. A typical massage lasts about 45 minutes. The therapy is especially effective for relaxing the muscles in the shoulders and neck area and releasing fibrous adhesions such as knots and nodules.

The release of toxins is encouraged by freeing tense, knotted muscles which in turn relieves stiffness in the neck and shoulders. As the muscles relax so oxygen flows more freely to the brain, enhancing circulation and lymph flow. Indian Head Massage can help to relieve eye strain, jaw ache, sinus congestion, insomnia and shoulder and neck ache as well as promoting hair growth by the stimulation of the scalp.

Benefits of this treatment

• Increases the blood flow/circulation to the head, neck and shoulders - may promote hair growth
• Relaxes the muscles to the head, neck and shoulders
• Improves flexibility to these areas
• Relaxes and soothes tense eye muscles
• Promotes clear thinking
• Relieves mental fatigue
• Restores energy flow to the body
• Increases oxygen to the brain
• Increases lymphatic flow to the head
• Relieves eye strain, headaches, sinusitis, congestion
• Relieves insomnia

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