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Aroma-sport Massage
1 Hour £40, 45mins £35, 30mins £30
Due to the build up of Lactic & Uric Acids (waste products) within the muscles following any major activity, both the performance and movement of the muscle becomes restricted. Prolonged reduction of muscle movement / performance will lead to injury. By draining the waste products from the muscles and applying various stretches it is possible to enable quicker recovery times.

Massage can also aid in mobilising the fat/cellulite cells within the body.

This fusion of massage techniques combines the healing properties of essential oils with deep tissue massage - experience the enhanced benefits.

Incorporating pressure point techniques and specially designed oil blends for specific injuries and aliments. The depth and style of the massage movements can be adapted to suit your needs.

K-Taping from £10

K Tape provides lightweight support helping you remain active whilst recovering from strains and injuries.  It is applied along muscles, tendons and ligaments offering support and stability to muscles and joints without any restriction on the body’s range of motion and movement.'

Stress & Sport

By its very nature competitive sport is stressful and a certain amount of positive stress can give the impetus for a better performance, but stress that is not burnt off can lead to problems. Utilising specific oils to combat stress within your aroma sport blend both leading upto an event and after it may lead to substantial improvements in your overall performance

Blends available for numerous ailments and injuries including;

  • back strain
  • carpal tunnel syndrome
  • tennis elbow
  • groin strain
  • leg sprains - upper and lower
  • thigh injury - hamstring
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