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Allergy Testing

Allergy/Intolerance testing plus vitamin/mineral deficiency test £55

Do you suffer from any of these?

  • Anxiety
  • Asthma
  • Catarrh
  • Depression, irritability
  • Digestive Disorders- feeling bloated and uncomfortable, stomach cramps and pains, excessive belching or flatulence, constipation and/or diarrhoea
  • Eczema
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • IBS
  • M.E.
  • Migraines
  • Psoriasis
  • Sinus Congestion
  • Weight Problems
  • A feeling of nausea
  • An unpleasant taste in the mouth
  • Various types of skin rash - with or without itching
  • Tingling sensation of the lips, mouth or in the throat
  • Water retention
  • Hot and cold flushes
  • Dark circles around or under the eyes

Allergy ,vitamin/mineral deficiency testing

Vitamins/Minerals Deficiency Testing:
• Do you get enough Vitamins & Minerals?
• Do you know which Vitamins or/and Minerals you are low on?
• How do you know your supplements are working?
• Eating good food is “Enough to prevent deficiency, but not enough to prevent disease”
• Vitamins- New research shows they may help fight Cancer, Heart Disease and the effects of Aging! (TIME cover Story, April 6, 1992)

Some imbalances in the body can be because of deficiencies in vitamins or minerals. Due to over farming of the soil in the last 70 years, many of us who eat a healthy diet are not actually getting the essential vitamins and minerals we need for a healthy system as the food itself is depleted. Some foods like refined sugar actually strip the body of some essential vitamin and minerals.

Recurring infections, lack of energy, menstrual imbalances, and unhealthy skin/hair/nails can often be a manifestation of a deficiency. Many people seem to take many weeks to recover from flu, tummy bug or even a cold.

This is most likely due to a deficiency. When our body is under stress for any reason, we utilise a huge amount of minerals and vitamins. That is why it is a good idea to take a test to check your personal vitamin and mineral levels periodically especially after illness or times of stress.

Food - Vitamins and Minerals - The environment

These can all cause allergy, food intolerance and chemical sensitivity within our bodies. The effects can vary massively from a skin rash to anaphylactic shock in very severe cases.

Many people suffer from allergies and intolerances but are unaware of the effect they may be having on their body. We are pleased to be able to offer an allergy test here at the Floathouse which is designed to diagnose if and what your body is intolerant to.

VEGA for Fast Test Results

Vega Allergy Testing has become an increasingly popular therapy for many people who wish to address those health, stress and weight issues that have been troubling them undiagnosed for many years.

The method that we use to test patients is using a Vega Machine

The use of the Vega machine combines Traditional Acupuncture theory and Classical Homeopathic theory. This is one of the systems capable of use within the field of Bio-electronic Regulatory Medicine (BER Medicine) The Vega test takes readings of very low electrical vibrations from within the body via acupuncture on the hand using a pen like stylus (no needles involved). The readings are taken by the tester who places the test probe on the surface of the patient's skin. The patient holds a second probe in their other hand, thus completing the circuit with the substance being tested. The readings obtained are compared with homeopathic potencies or environmental substances that are introduced into the circuit.

  • The Vega test is a simple, painless food intolerance test. RESULTS ARE INSTANTANIOUS
  • It pinpoints potentially harmful foods that can be causing your symptoms

What does a Vega test involve?
Over 100 substances which include common foods and drinks and environmental substances are tested during our consultation. The equipment we use is a bio-electronic analyzer which measures the body's electrical resistance to these substances. If a substance is causing a problem then it there will be a dip or drop in body's electrical resistance. The test is best described as a ball point pen touching the tip of your finger upon an acupuncture point.

How long does it take?
Your appointment will take approximately 1 hour, during which your test is carried out and your instantaneous results are discussed.

Who can be tested?
This test is suitable for anyone other than those who are fitted with a pacemaker and any aged child subject to them being on solid foods. If you are taking prescribed medication this will not interfere with the test.

Will I have to avoid certain foods forever?
This will depend on whether your body can tolerate the food once it has been reintroduced into your diet, after an initial 12 week programme. In some circumstances this 12 week period will have to be extended, if, for example, the body's immune and digestive systems need additional support to eradicate the underlying problem.

Will I need to see you again?
It is always recommended that you have a follow up session as the advice given now will change and alter as your body changes. Each person's route to recovery from their symptoms is different. What may be appropriate now may not be appropriate in 12 weeks. If there is a particular product that you are unsure of as to whether you are reacting to it, this can be a skin, bath or household spray, liquid etc, please feel free to bring it along so that I can test it to see if it is upsetting your system. There is an additional £5 charge for this.

Will any medication I am taking be affected?
This is a complementary diagnostic therapy that combines well with traditional medicine.
More information on Food Allergies and Food Intolerances can be found at and the latest Food Allergy and Food

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